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How to Redesign your Website to attract Qualified Leads and Increase Sales…

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So, your business has a web site that was done may be five years ago or may be recently and you have spent thousands of dollars on it. And you are still wondering, where is the traffic, where are the sales? You are not alone. Many businesses either struggle with this challenge or ignore it and spend their money on traditional marketing such as TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail etc. while their web site languishes in the graveyard of dead web sites. Yet, they still wonder where the money went. In the online world, if you build they would NOT come, unless you change your approach. Majority of the businesses go into their web design or redesign effort without clear goals and objectives around generating leads and sales. In other words, they didn’t think about the web design effort with a strategic mindset and how it should fit in their overall sales and marketing strategy. You web site can become a sales and marketing  machine if you take into account some key goals and build them into your web design strategy.

  1. Driving traffic to your site: The pretty (or not so pretty!) look and feel of your site will not necessarily result in thousands of visitors. What the search engines are looking for is fresh and relevant content. Make sure you have a ‘content strategy’ built around educating your prospects, helping them solve their problems, and getting what they desire in a solution.  As in the dictionary, in the online marketing world, Educate comes before Sell. Here are some features you should consider on your site to share and promote content;
    1. Blog: Add a “Blog” feature on your site. The importance of having a blog cannot be stressed enough. Google considers each blog post as a separate indexed page. The more pages you have the more is the likelihood of being found by your potential visitors. Your blog post should educate your prospects about how your product or service can help them solve their problems. Click here for some tips on best business blogging practices.
    2. Social Media Pages: Create your business pages on Facebook, Twitter Linked-In etc. These social media channels offer great ways to share and promote the content you generate. Make sure you are active on these channels by continuously sharing and promoting content. Have direct links to these pages from each page of your web site.


  1. Engage and convert the Traffic into qualified leads: By going through the step above you should start seeing traffic building up on your site. Most businesses that focus on just SEO do not have a strategy of how to capitalize on the traffic that SEO generates. To engage the traffic coming to your site, create a few Call to Action (CTA) and Landing Pages (LP) on your site that offer interested buyers premium content that can further educate them through the buying cycle. By offering then premium content you can ask for their key contact information that allows you to start tracking their level of engagement with the content on your site. Tip: When asking for contact and profile information make sure the value you are offering exceeds the value of information you are asking.


  1. Turn qualified leads into buying customers: Further develop premium content such as e-books, white papers etc. that match different stages of the purchase cycle the potential buyers are in. Offer this premium content through smartly designed CTAs and Landing Pages. Click here to learn more about the importance of landing pages in your online marketing efforts and here to learn about best practices in creating effective landing pages that convert. If this step is executed effectively, you will see more of your qualified leads turn into buying and happy customers because they wanted to buy from you and not that you sold them.
  1. Measure the effectiveness of your website and marketing efforts: Success in effectively leveraging your web site as a Sales and Marketing tool hinges on measuring and being on top of key metrics related to performance of your site and marketing campaigns. Your key metrics will tell you how are you doing against your goal and provide valuable insight that you can use to tweak your strategy that moves you further towards your goals. Some key metrics that you may want to track are; unique visitors, new vs. repeat visitors, visitors to leads ratio, leads to sales ratio, cost per lead, cost per sales etc.  As a measurement tool, you should install Google Analytics on your site so you can start tracking these metrics for your site. Businesses that are serious about growing their sales through online marketing should consider working with a Simple Web Inc who can help them leverage the powerful Inbound Marketing and Measurement technology.

In summary, re-design of your web site is not just about the layout, cute pictures, and easy navigation, it is more about re-designing with a sale & marketing mindset and having the right strategy and tactics to get the most return on your investment.