First of all let’s understand what is Toxic Backlinking?

Toxic Links or Toxic Backlinks are your website links on identified spamming sites which lead back to your website. Any link building used by you knowingly or unknowingly to bring traffic to your website in the past or present and if identified by Google as illeligitimate link building, will be identified and flagged by Google as toxic backlink and your search engine ranking will be penalized without you ever knowing it.
Recently after Google penguin updates, hundreds of websites have been penalized under this toxic backlinking clause.

How do websites fall into this toxic backlinking trap?

Most of the times, the credit for link building goes to the SEO Companies “guaranteeing” top X position on Google for a price. A website banner or top SEO companies review website lands you on a website which lists dirt cheap one time and recurring packages for listing your website on Google first page for a specified keyword/s. You Buy one of these packages and surprisingly you start getting listed in top 10 within a week.

Unfortunately what you are unaware of is that these companies use what is known as “black hat techniques” to achieve their goals which are sooner or later caught by Google and therefore your website becomes the victim.

Equally responsible are various SEO tools which are used online for getting website traffic from fake sources. In both of the above cases the procedures or the websites involved in sending traffic to your website are considered as spamming entities by Google.

Believe it or not your very own email of your website domain could also be the reason of your website toxic back linking. If your email address has been used by spammers or even if your website has been hacked by the spammers in the past, then there is a possibility that your website might be listed in some of the blacklists repertories on www and could be the reason of your website toxic backlinking.

Toxic backlink checking and removal is a must for website owners who have good search engine ranking and who do not want to risk their positions in case of any future penalty by Google.

Most of the website owners or professionals managing the SEO of their clients have no idea of this issue and could be one of the reasons of their failed or low SEO results. Their efforts might be getting neutralized by this serious bottleneck.

How to get rid of this toxic backlinking?

Well I’ll list in short, few simple steps for getting out of this mess.
1. Scan the WWW for websites backlinking your website
2. Identify suspicious or alien websites linking back to your website
3. Mark all the links (Toxic Links)
4. Send a report to Google to ignore these links as your toxic backlinks.

It will help your website rankings after the unnecessary back links have been removed.

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