landing pages that work

The challenge is real. You want to convert visitors to your website to actual leads for your business. You’ve worked hard to develop a website that is thoughtful, engaging, and drives the consumer to become an authentic lead. One proven strategy for increasing your website’s effectiveness is the use of landing pages. Many professionals concerned about their company’s marketing may ask “Why have landing pages?” The answer is quite simple. These pages allow you to implement a variety of marketing strategies, such as targeting a particular audience, offering exclusive content, or redeeming marketing offers. They will also provide valuable data on website visitors.

What is a landing page?
Understanding a landing page is crucial to conquering the question of why have landing pages as part of your website. A landing page provides you the opportunity to collect a website visitor’s information through a specific lead capture form. Each landing page should be designed to target an intended audience instead of directing them to the general home page. These pages offer something valuable to visitors which will increase the likelihood of them becoming true business leads. For example, you can direct visitors from a targeted email marketing campaign to a landing page featuring a free trial, coupon, or demo for your product. Because the landing page is specific to the marketing campaign you’ll be able to capture visitor information quickly and analyze the traffic data.

Why have landing pages?

  • Lead generation Instead of sending all generated traffic to your homepage landing pages help you direct this traffic to a specific page. When visitors experience your website through targeted content they are more likely to become authentic business leads. Your sales and marketing team can utilize the landing pages to further connect with potential leads based on specific data.
  • Specific space for offers If you are running a targeted email or online campaign offering a trial subscription, coupon, or other discount these offers should exist on a specific landing page. Once visitors click on the offer they will be directed to the corresponding landing page. This puts your offers front and center and prevents visitors from getting lost on the homepage.
  • Data collection Each time a visitor connects to a landing page and completes a conversion form you are collecting valuable data. This information can be analyzed to better understand your marketing’s effectiveness and which types of visitors are converting. It also provides specific information to your sales and marketing team as they make initial contact with a lead.
  • Inform future marketing Inbound marketing centers on high quality content that engages visitors. Landing pages contribute to this marketing and help inform future efforts. Consider how easily landing pages can be shared on social media, through blogging, and in emails. Each time the page is shared it provides additional information on the marketing’s effectiveness and what the next campaign should entail.

Consider your current website. How could landing pages increase overall traffic and generate more leads? Understanding the benefits and use of landing pages may be the next big step for your business.

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