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  • 61% of Internet users Research Products online.
  • 44% of Online Shoppers begin by using a Search Engine.
  • 57% of TV viewers use the web simultaneously.
  • Worldwide, 131 Billion Searches per Month are conducted on the Web.
Your potential customers are not using your products or services to get to your websites, they are using keywords to get to your products/services and that’s why it is imperative to rank high for keywords that will result in sales not just any keywords.
At Simple Web Inc. you will find that we spend majority of our time in planning and strategy for your strong online presence.

Simple Web provides solution for businesses who need to be more visible online and grow organic website traffic.

New customers are out there using search engines to scour the web for products and services. Strategic search engine optimization efforts will ensure your business is at the top of the results page with a greater chance of generating new leads. Driving business back to your website is a critical component of your online presence.

Trusted Advisor

We serve as your trusted search engine optimization advisor.

We’ll help optimize your business’ presence in search engine results by:

Site Audit

Site AuditRegardless of how long your site has been live it will benefit from a comprehensive site audit. A site audit is a complete check of the site’s health, effectiveness, and optimization.
The professionals with Simple Web can perform this audit for you and will then provide a comprehensive results analysis of the audit’s findings. These findings will detail beneficial changes that can boost the site’s effectiveness and help generate more leads

A site audit allows you to:

  • Select the best keywordsKeywords are the 21st century way for prospective customers to find you. Effective keyword use will help potential leads find you and know what your business is about. Our reporting will provide you with a list of the most often searched keywords in your industry, the keywords that most frequently drive traffic to your site, and suggested keywords that better meet your specific needs.
  • Optimize your websiteA comprehensive audit of your website will analyze every part of your site, including individual pages. Site audit reporting will detail changes you should make to these pages for optimal productivity and increased traffic
  • Assess site healthHave you ever considered your site’s health? Broken links, incompatible images, inconsistent animation, and an incomplete site map are just a few examples of an unhealthy site. Once our professionals complete your site audit you’ll understand the site’s health and what updates need to be made.

Link Building

Link BuildingMuch of your business’ online success can be attributed to outbound and incoming links. Understanding how these links work and drive traffic to and from your site is essential to boosting business and attracting more prospective leads.
Market Inbound is poised to help you evaluate, analyze, and improve incoming and outbound links. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help improve your site’s links for maximum effectiveness. Don’t waste another day with outdated, toxic, or broken links.

We will provide detailed reporting on the health of your incoming and outbound links after we:

  • Check for quality Every link on your website is important and should work properly. Our comprehensive analysis will provide you information on broken, outdated, and toxic links and then we’ll get to work on repairing these links.
  • Track efficiency Does your website needs to do more than look great and provide information to customers. It needs to work as a hub; directing traffic to individual pages, linking to relevant sources, and generating leads. We can help you understand whether your links are working and help make changes to boost efficiency.
  • Analyze incoming links Our analysis and reporting will detail the total number of links directed to your website from individual domains. We will also provide information on the number of potentially toxic links, each page’s online category, and the traffic rank of all incoming links.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing AnalyticsYour website occupies an important part of the Internet. It is the defined space to market your business, share what sets you apart from the competition, and generate leads that will convert to sales. To increase your site’s effectiveness it is essential to monitor, measure, and analyze its performance.

You can count on SWI to provide you the analytics you need. Tracking these metrics on a regular basis offers you the opportunity to make changes and revise your website to attract new visitors and generate leads.

SWI can help you master your marketing analytics by:

  • Tracking your rank We can track how your site is performing in search engines and establish a ranking compared to the competition. You’ll receive a variety of metrics including historical comparisons, future ranking projections, and the impact of locations when tracking ranks.
  • Monitoring the competition How will you stand out from your competition? The first step to establishing your online presence is to understand who your competition. We have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform competitive analysis that provides you essential information about other relevant sites.
  • Tracking visitors Understanding who is visiting your site is valuable information. Market Inbound can track your site’s visitors, monitor and measure the performance of your marketing campaigns, and follow essential metrics to improve the site’s effectiveness.


Search Engine SubmissionsThe amount of information on the Internet only grows each day. New pages, new sites, and new content is added at breakneck speed. How are you supposed to keep up? How will your site stand out when a prospective customer enters a keyword into a search engine?
Market Inbound can provide the content submission assistance you need. We are available to facilitate your site’s submission to various search engines, the addition of content to specialized directories and search engines, and ways to ensure your website is only submitted to high authority sites and directories.

You can trust that teaming with our trained professionals will result in a comprehensive submissions strategy, including:

  • Specialty submissions Simple Web Inc can help you submit specialty content to appropriate directories and increase traffic to your site. We will work with you to develop a submissions plan that includes PAD files, images, and blog feeds
  • Manual submissions Our highly trained professionals will hand select which directories are worthy of submission. We can help you avoid small directories which are often neglected by search engines and focus on proven directories that produce results.
  • Local directory submissions Simple Web knows which local business directories are ideal for your website. Our experience helps you discover the differences between local directories and how they can impact traffic to your site.