If you are a marketing agency or an independent business owner, you must be thinking Why choose Simple Web Inc. for your project needs?

There are several components of a website that a good web design and development company needs to keep in mind:

1. Engaging graphic Design
2. The ease of use – Navigation – How hard is it for your visitor or prospect to find what they are looking for on your website?
3. If they found what they are looking for, then they will become my customer -right? Wrong!! Can they trust your website enough to open up their wallet?
4. Is your website optimized?

So, a client may be using different forms of online advertisements but if they are not getting conversions then blaming Adwords is like blaming their friend who is warning them about their child’s behavior. So in short, check your website’s health by doing a site audit to make sure it doesn’t have any obvious issues that is preventing your visitors from finding and converting and is ready to handle your online marketing efforts.

We understand all the different components of online marketing and it all boils down to just two things and that is your offer and your website, assuming you have the right business idea!

You have less than TEN seconds to show potential clients and customers that you’re an authority in your field.
Less than TEN seconds to make the right impression – an impression that makes people want to either buy from you or work with you.
Imagine you’re hiring a landscaper. You open their web page and see grey font on a black background, a mouse cursor that appears to be a pink star, a picture of a horse, and corny elevator music that auto plays. Would you waste your time searching through their website to find out if they could do the job properly, or would you leave and look for another landscaper?
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